Refill Life With All Day Hydration

  Refill Life With All Day Hydration * BPA-free SUS304 food grade stainless steel with ideal durability. Strong bottle body for outdoor activities and camping without any worries of damage or fragility. * 450ml capacity for easy take out and refill * Double-wall insulation keeps hot and cold drinks for whole day requirement. * Leakproof design and well-catered handcraft provide you better experience when fishing, camping or sporting with friends and families. * Vacuum-insulated lid option keeps your drinks and coffee fresh and well served.

3 Tips That A Salesman Will Not Tell You When Buying Thermos Flask

  3 Tips That A Salesman Will Not Tell You When Buying Thermos Flask In winter, a thermos can play a big role in every age. When you walk into a shopping mall or supermarket, you’ll find plenty of thermos cups on the shelves with different price tags. In general, the more expensive thermos has better quality. When purchasing a thermos cup, there are some tips that a salesman will not take the initiative to tell you. #1. Check if the insulation performance of the thermos flask is good When buying a thermos cup, undoubtedly the most important thing is to check the insulation performance. In general, the sealing of the cup has a great impact on the thermal insulation. If the seal is not good, the cup will not keep warm and air will leak. Obviously this makes it less safe for people to use thermos. It’s very simple to see how well a cup is sealed. We fill the cup with water and tighten the lid. Then turn the cup upside down and it always leaks, which proves that the seal is not so good. Al

Life is A Green Legend

 Life is A Green Legend Bottle Legend is established by a team of young generation who are keen to protect the Earth from further pollutions due to the increasing usage of plastics. There are more than 1 million tons of waste that are produced everyday. The Earth is under huge pressure of being polluted by plastics and toxic materials, industrial liquid affects etc. It is our responsibility to protect our motherland, to reduce the usage of non-reusable plastics and to cut down the export of waste. We are in strong connection with bottle engineering experts and designers to provide BPA-free and environmental friendly stainless steel bottles with cutting edges vacuuming technologies. Bottle Legend is located in the western Malaysia, where we have supplied eco-friendly vacuum flasks, coffee mugs and wine tumblers to a great variety of customers in the lovely country. —— BOTTLE LEGEND (Malaysia)